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It’s Time to Unpack your Suitcase of ‘Happyness’!

When I learned a former Disney executive had written a book on finding and sustaining happiness, I knew I’d want him on the show to impart his pearls of Disney wisdom and wonder. Who better to advise us on how to be permanently happy than someone who’s spent a career out of manufacturing and spreading joy, love and glee.

Mark Jaffe’s manifesto for merriment can be found in his latest book ‘Suitcase of Happyness (yes, with a ‘y’) – A Roadmap to Achieve and Enjoy your Happiest Life.’ A roadmap he’ll share with you on Friday’s Off the Ropes podcast. Perfectly timed, as this is the one time of year we’re all ‘supposed’ to be happy. And if everyone’s festive Facebook pics are to be believed, EVERYONE is happy, ALL of the time, except YOU!

Well, no more. Mark, whose smile you’ll actually hear via the podcast, enthusiastically believes we can all learn to be happy EVERY day, even if Sally Shit-Storm blows our way. So, park your cynicism and listen-in this Friday from 8pm via, iTunes & Stitcher.

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