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The No-Secret Secret Recipe to Success.

‘Sign-up to my revolutionary secret weight-loss miracle progamme!’

‘Learn the ‘unknown by any other human’ success secrets of the world’s most successful people with my 28-day secret Secret-to-Success plan!’

‘Hack the secretive minds of the cosmos’ most successful entrepreneurs & learn their secret trade secrets with my $97 Blueprint to Success downloadable PDF!’

Hands up if you’ve read any of the above sentences, or their variation, in the last 30 days? The marketing waffle spewing out all over the internet and social media, like an overflowing toilet; praying on our gullibility and desire to follow in the footsteps of those wearing the Crown of Success. And many people will cough up a ridiculous amount of money to get their hands on the latest ‘success secrets’.

Why? Because we’re all after the short-cut. We want what ‘they’ have and we want to know how to get there, fast. Ignore the fact that all successful entrepreneurs, sports’ stars, award-winning actors, Mr Olympians etc have worked tirelessly for decades to achieve their accolades; nope, if someone is selling me the ‘7 Steps to Overnight Success’, I want a copy.

There is no Secret!

Success doesn’t have a magical formula; not a potion, a pill, or an elixir. However, it does have a recipe; and whilst everyone can follow it, not many people choose to, for it requires more of them than they are willing to give –hence the proliferation of ‘Get Rich in 2 Weeks’ programmes.

The primary ingredient in the recipe of success? Effort. Gargantuan amounts. Consistently and persistently. And 99% of us are not willing to make that investment, especially given the proliferation of magazine articles, latest Times’ best sellers and products promising us a short cut. Do we need to work out EVERY day; avoid sugar, wheat and dairy; down chlorella and wheatgrass shots AND meditate to achieve an optimal body? Yes, yes we do. But can we be bothered? No. Luckily, we can buy a box of ‘Miracle Wonder Green Juice Shakes’ to help us ‘detox’ and ‘lose pounds’ with zero effort. $200? Sure, sign us up. The blurb tells us we’ll be bionic in 1 month.

Humans are lazy. We’re programmed to avoid pain and discomfort to ensure our survival. But there’s an enormous difference between Palaeolithic man fleeing from hungry, wild animals to avoid death, and 21st century man avoiding the discomfort of working a few extra hours in the evening to launch his dream business. There are no excuses to shun hard work; not the kids, our partners or our fatigue. The only excuse is laziness. We want a successful life but can’t be arsed to pay its high entry fee.

And our laziness presents marketers with a delicious problem to exploit: get rich quick scams, diet-shakes, take-away deliveries, even pre-chopped Christmas vegetables! When did we become so damn lazy that we can’t even be bothered to chop carrots for Christmas lunch. Busy? Bull-shit. Are we busier than our grandparents who thought nothing of chopping vegetables? Pretty shameful, don’t you think?

Our Life, our Responsibility.

Isn’t it time to start taking responsibility for the success of our own lives? If we want to lose weight, we must work incredibly hard to do so. Not down three sugar-laden shakes daily, or only eat a specific brand of synthetic cereal for breakfast and lunch. They don’t work. If they were successful, obesity wouldn’t exist. Such plans occur as their failure is inevitable, i.e. you’ll be back to buy more.

As I’ve already mentioned, there is a proven recipe for success. It’s not a secret and writing cheques to people who claim to hold the key is futile. The recipe is freely available to anyone who wants success more than they want their next breath:

The Off the Ropes No-Secret Secret Recipe to Success:

You’ll need:

Creativity, dedication, discipline, motivation, resilience, tenacity, perseverance, graft, failure. Bonus ingredient: luck.


  1. Combine all ingredients in a HUGE pan and stir. A lot. Possibly for the next 10 years.
  2. Some ingredients can be volatile and prone to abandoning you, so pay close attention to each one.
  3. Once successfully combined, the ingredients will create enormous energy which can be off-putting to others.
  4. Taste. If the recipe lacks substance, increase quantities of resilience and graft and keep stirring. Do not stop stirring until desired consistency has been achieved. This can be one month, it could be thirty years.
  5. If available, sprinkle luck generously. It’s not always in season, so use when available. Luck can reduce the cooking time.
  6. Failure will occur at any stage of the process, so stay vigilant. When failure arrives, return to step 1, doubling up on perseverance and graft.
  7. Do not be surprised if no one else wants to try the finished result. Success can taste bitter to some people (underachievers).

Each one of us is capable of following the above recipe and we all possess the required ingredients. Yet, too many of us choose not to, hoping for a miracle instead, which explains why only the top few percent of humans are high-performers. You’ll notice talent is missing from the ingredient list, intentionally so. We can all think of a terrible singer or writer who achieved enormous success on the back of sheer determination and a refusal to take no for an answer. They won’t be the next Beyonce of Stephen King, but they’ll get their moment of glory; reward for their hard graft.

No one is Super-Human.

Before I started interviewing some of the ‘world’s top performers’ for the Off the Ropes Podcast, I believed such people were inaccessible and super-human. How can an ordinary person climb Everest in their shorts (Wim Hof)? Run 3000 miles across America (Mimi Anderson)? Or free-dive to 253m and hold their breath for over 9 minutes (Herbert Nitsch)? But upon speaking with them, they are not as extraordinary as they first appear. Awesome, yes. But not born with freakishly unique genes. Yet, each one of them has used all of the above ingredients at various points on their journey and the secret to their success is no more complicated than that.

Do you want to be successful? Or do you want to drift through life as a ‘could’ve been’? Put your wallet away; quit browsing Google for hacks and secret formulas; and disregard the adverts promising the life of your dreams in a month. You already possess everything you need to achieve more from life. Follow the no-secret recipe above and success will ensue.

Ps. The recipe is simple, but not easy to follow. And most first attempts result in failure. But suck it up and remember, ‘There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs!’

To hear how some of the world’s most inspiring, pioneering and adventurous individuals got their lives ‘off the ropes’ listen-in to the Off the Ropes Podcast, from 8pm BST, every Friday, or via iTunes and Stitcher. You can also receive weekly notifications of new shows via the newsletter sign-up below.

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  1. Fantastic post! Couldn’t agree more! Thank you.

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      Hey, Tim. Thank you so much! Appreciate your feedback. :)

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