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Off the Ropes Seeks New Owner.

New Year’s Greetings!

We hope your Christmas was magical and your new year plans life-changing! We spent the Christmas break discussing our goals for 2017 and beyond – what we both want to achieve this year and what areas of our lives we’d like to spend more time developing. And so, after much painful chatter, dithering, oohing and aaahing, we have both decided not to continue with Off the Ropes and our search begins for a new, like-minded owner.

Off the Ropes has been a fantastic venture – hugely inspirational, enriching and incredibly enjoyable. However, as Stuart and I also manage other enterprises, we feel we cannot provide Off the Ropes with the time, energy and focus it needs. We are juggling too many balls, and our project of passion needs to be re-homed.

We are now looking for a new owner who would like to purchase Off the Ropes in its entirety: the website, domain, intellectual property, trademark and podcast equipment. If you think you could be the next Off the Ropes podcast host, or know someone who can, please drop us a line:

Friday 6th January will be our last episode, a perfectly timed interview with author, martial artist and life-coach, Tony Somers, who discusses the importance of following your bliss in the year ahead.

Thank you, sincerely, for being part of our Off the Ropes journey; for all your support and love. It’s been greatly appreciated and I hope to be able to write again soon introducing you to a new owner.

May your 2017 be full of bounce, sparkle and love.

Victoria & Stuart.

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